Survey Results from Municipal Candidates


Survey results are in from candidates for contested municipal positions on the West Shore. Two weeks ago, we contacted each candidate to ask questions, with responses requested by October 5th:

  1. What forms of art and culture do you currently enjoy as a participant or spectator?
  2. Do you support the development of an arts and cultural centre in the West Shore, and why?
  3. If elected, are there any specific actions you would take to support the development of a West Shore Arts and Cultural Centre?


From nearly 40 candidates for mayor or council in Colwood, Langford, Metchosin, and View Royal, we got 17 submissions. Thank you to each person who cared enough to provide input during an election campaign! As advance polls are open on the 10th, we’re revealing the results today, and as a non-partisan organization, will still accept submissions until the 19th.

We’ll strive for a more user-friendly presentation, but for now, go here to view the survey results.


Juan de Fuca Performing Arts Centre Society

Status Report

We’re often asked where our performing arts centre will be located, and the search for a site continues. Any discussion about real estate is sensitive, whether with municipal staff or politicians, developers, funders, partners, or potential occupants. Important work continues out of sight, just as performers rehearse before an event, or a stage crew works during a production.

Ways to Help

Help by:

  • spreading the word about the Juan de Fuca Performing Arts Centre Society, including sharing via social media,
  • signing our petition to build our credibility,
  • using a Thrifty’s Smile card (to provide us with funds at no cost to you), or
  • become a member of the Society.

For more information, see our Home page, and subscribe for email updates to keep up to date with our progress. Think about how many individuals’ and families’ lives could be enhanced with the establishment of a West Shore home for arts and culture, and how much economic activity could be generated closer to home, rather than going to buy motor fuel for travel downtown.